Delivering Plants

The delivering plant refers to the plant from which the goods are to be delivered to the customer, within a specific sales organization and distribution channel. The plant can be automatically proposed by the system when processing a sales order, if it has been maintained in one of the master records. It can be derived from:

  • the customer/product info record
  • the customer master record of the ship-to party
  • the material master record

Which delivering plant to use is set according to their priority as in the list above.

To configure the delivering plant in the Customer Material Info Record use the following transaction codes:

  • Create Customer-Material Info Record (VD51)
  • Change Customer-Material Info Record (VD52)
  • Display Customer-Material Info Record (VD53)

You can set the plant in the Shipping area of the Customer Material Info Record.

Use the following transaction codes to set the plant in the Customer master record:

  • Create Customer (XD01)
  • Change Customer (XD02)
  • Display Customer (XD03)

Open Sales area data and under the Shipping tab choose the delivering plant.

Use the following transaction codes to define the delivering plant in the Material master record:

  • Create Material (MM01)
  • Change Material (MM02)
  • Display Material (MM03)

Under the Sales organization 1 tab set the delivering plant.