Online Customer Registration

When a customer registers in the web store online, the customer's template data is used to create a new customer. In the web store on the Creating a new account page a customer enters only personal contact information, like name and address. All other data like currency, some pricing conditions, tax information is copied from the customer's template to the newly registered customer. Therefore, a customer template should be created and assigned to each country available in the web store for registration.

When a customer registers in the web store, a customer selects from the dropdown list the country he/she lives in. Therefore, the list of the available countries and customer templates should be configured in SAP.

To manage the list of available countries:

Step 1: In SAP use the Visible Countries Sana admin table which can be accessed using transaction /n/sanaecom/a_tables.

Step 2: For each country which should be available in the web store set the Customer Template and select the Visible checkbox.

For more information, see 'Visible Countries'.

Customer templates can be created using a customer master record in SAP.

Transaction codes:

  • Create Customer (XD01)
  • Change Customer (XD02)
  • Display Customer (XD03)

Template customers should be predefined with data, like currency and tax information that will be copied to the newly registered customer.

When a customer registers online a customer record will be created in SAP. After registration under the Control Data tab in the customer master data the Natural Person checkbox is selected, which means that this is a B2C customer. If the Natural Person checkbox is not selected, then this is a business customer which is created directly in SAP.

In Sana Admin you can edit the registration form for those customers that register online in the web store. You can manage the fields from your ERP system that should be used on the registration form. For more information, see 'Customer'.