Free Goods Mapping

Use the /SANAECOM/: Free Goods Mapping table to select the type of free goods and define whether such products will be used in the web store as supplementary.

Free Goods Mapping

Supplementary item is an extra item that is added to the sales order lines when a certain quantity of an item is purchased or as a bonus. This is a product that is added automatically to the user's basket by ERP based on some marketing rules defined in ERP. A customer cannot modify or remove such product from the basket.

Example: A phone comes with a MicroSD memory card, included free of charge.

The table below provides description of the fields in the /SANAECOM/: Free Goods Mapping table.

Field Description
Website ID This is the identifier (name) of the Sana Commerce web store. It should be exactly the same as the one specified during installation of Sana Commerce web store on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana Commerce SQL database.
Default: 'SanaStore'
Usage of higher-level item Select a specific type of free goods which can be used in the web store.
Supplementary Define whether free goods will be added as supplementary items in the web store:
  • 1 - supplementary
  • 0 - not supplementary

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