Non-Orderable Material Status

Use the /SANAECOM/: Non-Orderable Material Status table to define the status of the non-orderable products.

Non-Orderable Material Status

The table below provides description of the fields in the /SANAECOM/: Non-Orderable Material Status table.

Field Description
Distribution-chain-specific material status This status restricts the usability of the product. Select a specific material status which will define all products that have this status in their master data as non-orderable in the web store.

To block a certain product open the material master data and under the Sales: sales org. 1 tab set the DChain-spec. status for a material. The status should be the same as the one set in the Non-Orderable Material Status Sana admin table. Those products which are blocked in SAP are shown in the web store, but customers are not able to purchase such products. Instead of the Add to cart button a customer will see a message that a product is not available.