Catalog Filter

Catalog filters in SAP are used to filter materials. This means that only those materials which meet the filter criteria will be indexed by Sana and shown in the Sana web store. If catalog filters are not configured, all valid materials will be shown in the Sana web store. This might be useful, for example if you want to show only the materials of a certain brand in your web store.

You can access Catalog Filters either from the Sana Web Store Configuration window (/n/sanaecom/webstore) or by calling the transaction /n/sanaecom/filter.

To add a filter, click Insert Filter Rule. The table below provides description of the fields.

Field Description
Website ID Select a web store. If you have multiple web stores, you can set up catalog filters for each web store.
Table Name Select the SAP table to which the filter should be applied. You can apply catalog filter to the material master data and sales data of a material.
Table Field Select the table field by which materials must be filtered.
Operation Select an operation which indicates a specific filter expression. The combination of filter operation and value defines the filter for the selected table field.
Value (Low) Enter the table field value.
Value (High) If you select Between in the Operation field, then you can enter the field values range in the Value (Low) and Value (High) fields.