Visible Countries

Use the /SANAECOM/: Visible Countries table to set up visibility of countries that should be available in the web store for online customer registration, shipping address and prospect orders. For all countries that should be available in the web store select the Visible in Web Store check box. For the correct functioning of the online customer registration and prospect functionality specify Customer Template for each visible in web store country.

The table below provides description of the fields in the /SANAECOM/: Visible Countries table.

Field Description
Website ID Enter Sana web store ID. It should be exactly the same as the one specified during installation of the Sana web store on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana database. Default: 'SanaStore'.

If you have multiple web stores, you can set up countries for each Sana web store.

Country Key The two-character ISO code of the country.
Customer Template The customer template associated with a country. This is the customer record that is used as a template when a new customer or prospect is created.
Visible Indicates whether a country is visible to a customer in the web store.

For more information about how to set up countries in SAP, see 'Countries'.