Volume Prices

Volume pricing is a pricing strategy that allows discounts for bulk purchases. Typically, the greater the number of products purchased the greater discount.

Volume prices are triggered in the shopping cart based on the business logic coming from SAP, and are shown on the product details page. This way a customer can see the pricing offers directly on the product details page, before ordering the product.

To set up volume prices in SAP use the Change Condition (VK12) transaction and the PR00 condition type: VK12 > PR00 > Sales Org. /Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer.

Those condition types which should be used for pricing and discounts calculations in your Sana web store should be set up in the /SANAECOM/: Pricing Calculations Sana admin table which can be accessed by transaction /n/sanaecom/a_tables.

For more information, see 'Pricing Calculations'.

Select the necessary price condition record or create a new one and click Scales. Using the scale based pricing in SAP you can set up volume prices.

The table below provides the description of the fields in the Scales table.

Field Description
Scale quantity Enter the quantity of products that a customer should purchase to gain the agreed discount.
Amount Enter the unit price based on the quantity of products (for example, for 10 pieces the unit price will be 800,00).

To show volume prices in the Sana Commerce web store, the Volume prices option should be enabled in Sana Admin: Setup >Products > Price.

If scale based prices are set for a product in SAP and the Volume prices option is enabled in Sana Admin, then in the web store on the product details page a customer will see a link View volume discount under the product price. Clicking on this link opens the table with volume discounts coming from SAP.

The View volume discount table on the product details page presents the following information:

  • The minimum quantity of items that the customer should purchase in order to gain the agreed discount.
  • Unit of measure (UOM) the customer can order in.
  • The scale based price.
  • The calculated discount.