Data Validation Rules

As a user of SAP in addition to the standard SAP data validation you can set up Sana specific validation rules.

You can access data validation rules either from the Sana Web Store Configuration window (/n/sanaecom/webstore) or by calling the transaction /n/sanaecom/validate.

Use the Validation Rules window to manage validation rules for customers' and products' data. Data validation rules affect data retrieving. For example, you can configure validation rules which define if a product is orderable or a customer is allowed to order. Only data which satisfies the selected criteria can be processed by Sana.

To set up data validation rules, in the Website ID field select a web store. If you have multiple web stores, you can set up data validation rules for each web store. Then, select whether you want to set up validation rules for customers' data or products' data. Click Continue.

The table below provides description of the data validation rule fields.

Field Description
Website ID Select a web store. If you have multiple web stores, you can set up data validation rules for each web store.
Table Name Select the SAP table to which the validation rule should be applied. You can apply validation rules to the customer and product master data and also to other related data.
Table Field Select the table field for which data validation rule should be set.
Criteria Operator An operator that indicates a specific data validation expression.
The combination of criteria operator and value defines the validation rule for the selected table field.
Value (Low) Enter the field value.
Value (High) If you select Between in the Criteria Operator field, then you can enter the field values range in the Value (Low) and Value (High) fields.
Validation Fail Error Message The error message of the validation rule which is shown if data does not pass validation.

Error messages for the products which do not pass validation are shown in the Webshop Catalog Overview table, in the Non Orderable Reason field. For more information, see 'Webshop Catalog Overview'.
Priority Priority of validation rules. The table fields are checked in the order set by priority.

Sana adds a few validation rules for customers and products by default. When you change data validation rules, you always have an option to reset all validation rules to defaults by clicking Set Default Validations.