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Credit Limits

Different businesses might have their own credit management needs. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can set up automatic credit checks. Credit management allows you to reduce the credit risk by setting up the credit limit for your customers. If a customer places an order which exceeds his or her credit limit set in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a customer will see a warning message in the shopping cart of the Sana webshop and on all checkout steps.


Starting from Sana 9.3.1 a warning message is shown on all checkout steps. It applies to "one step checkout" and "multistep checkout".

Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not block customers from creating sales orders when they exceed their credit limit, but only shows a warning message.

Credit limits must be set up in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and in Sana Admin (Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering).

In this article you will learn how to set up credit limits in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

For information about how to set up credit limits in Sana Admin, see "Credit Limits".

Set up credit limits

Step 1: Enable credit limit warnings. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Financial Management > Receivables > Setup > Sales & Receivables Setup.

In the Credit Warnings field, select either Credit Limit or Both Warnings.

It is needed to validate customer's credit limit and to show a warning message in the shopping cart and on all checkout steps, when a customer exceeds the credit limit.

Step 2: Set up the credit limit for a customer. Open the Customer Card and on the General FastTab enter the Credit Limit (in LCY).


If a customer has a different bill-to customer assigned, then you must set up a credit limit for the bill-to customer. As a bill-to customer is the one who is invoiced, the credit limit is also calculated for this customer.

The table below provides the description of the credit limit fields.

Field Description
Balance (LCY)  The balance of a customer in LCY. This is the total payment amount a customer owes for completed sales. 
Credit Limit (LCY)  Here you can enter the maximum credit limit amount in LCY for a customer.

If you leave this field empty, there will be no credit limit for this customer. 

The system compares the value in the Credit Limit (LCY) field with the customer's Balance (LCY). If the customer's balance exceeds the credit limit amount, a warning message will be shown in the shopping cart and on all checkout steps. A customer will see also the amount by which he or she exceeds the credit limit.

The customer's credit limit and balance are in the local currency (LCY). But the currency of a customer can differ from LCY. The amount by which a customer exceeds the credit limit is shown in the shopping cart of a Sana web store in the currency of a customer.

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