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A prepayment is an amount paid in advance by a customer to a merchant for an order. It is invoiced and posted to a sales order before final invoicing.

For example, a customer orders the custom-made furniture, which will be produced according to his or her requirements, like materials, parameters, color, design and so on. In this case, a merchant can ask for a payment in advance to make sure that when the furniture is finally made, a customer will definitely buy it.


Prepayments are available to B2B customers and sales orders only. For quotes, prepayments will result in working as Full amount paid on account payment type.

When a B2B customer creates an order in the Sana webshop and a prepayment % is available for this customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, he or she will see a prepayment amount that must be paid in advance on the Payment information step of the checkout process.

Enable prepayments in Sana

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering and in the Online order payments field for B2B customers, select the Amount based on prepayment rules payment type.

Set up prepayments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can set up a prepayment percentage for a customer. In this case it will be calculated for all items purchased by this customer. You can also set up a prepayment % for an item.


If prepayment percentage is available to a customer and an item, the prepayment percentage from the item will be used.

When B2B customers pay based on prepayment percentage set in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the following rules are used:

  • If prepayment % equals to 0, then a customer will not pay online, but on account instead.
  • If prepayment % equals to 100, then a customer will pay full order amount online.
  • If prepayment % equals to 20, then a customer will pay 20% of the total order amount online. The way B2B customers pay the remaining amount depends on the agreements they have with a merchant.

To specify prepayment percentage for a customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

On the Customer Card, on the Invoicing FastTab enter the prepayment percentage in the Prepayment % field.

This prepayment percentage will be used for all items ordered by this specific customer.

To specify prepayment percentage for an item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Step 1: At the top of the Item Card click: Related Information > Sales > Prepayment Percentages.

Step 2: In the Sales Type field, select whether prepayment should be applied to the specific customer, customer price group or to all customers.

If the prepayment percentage should be applied to the specific customer, you must select the customer account in the Sales Code field.

Step 3: Enter the Prepayment % for the item.

When the B2B customer pays the order based on the prepayment rules, the prepayment percentage and amount will be stored in the sales order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Post Prepayment Invoices

If a prepayment % is set for a B2B customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a customer pays an order online in the Sana webshop, an accountant should manually post the prepayment before invoicing the order.

A prepayment invoice can be also automatically posted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To post prepayments automatically, select the checkbox Auto Post Prepayments on the Webshop Card.

B2C customers always pay full amount online. Thus, if you enable automatic posting of prepayments, then when a B2C customer pays an order online in the Sana webshop, a prepayment invoice with the total order amount will be automatically posted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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