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Customer Blocking

Every customer has his or her purchase history where all orders, payment transactions, invoices, and deliveries are stored. All this information is stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If some transactions have been already created for a customer, you will not be able to remove this customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however you can block him or her and prevent from placing orders in a Sana webshop. You might want to block the customer for variety of reasons, for example until the customer pays his or her outstanding invoices.

A blocked customer cannot:

  • see price and stock information
  • place orders and quotes
  • pay invoices
  • convert quotes to orders
  • create return orders

You can block a customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Open the Customer Card, on the General FastTab, in the field Blocked, select one of the available options.

Option Description 
<Blank> Any transaction is allowed for the customer. 
Ship New orders and new shipments cannot be created for the customer. Existing shipments not yet invoiced can be invoiced. 
Invoice  New orders, new shipments and new invoices cannot be created for this customer. Existing shipments not yet invoiced cannot be invoiced. 
All  No transaction is allowed for this customer, including payments. 

No matter which option you select in the Blocked field, it will block the customer and prevent from placing orders in the Sana webshop. The customer can still log in to the webshop, but he or she will see a message at the top informing the customer that he or she cannot place orders, see prices and stock.

A customer can be also blocked, if he or she does not meet the requirements set in the table Data Validation Rules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For more information, see "Data Validation Rules".

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