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Sales Reports

Sales reports can be key in keeping the sales process and the cash flow movement.

Sana enables customers to download printable reports (PDF file) generated by Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly from the webshop.


Sales reports can be also uploaded to the file system on the Web server and downloaded by customers from the webshop. For more information, see "Sales Reports".

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can generate reports for all types of sales documents (orders, quotes, invoices, shipments, return receipts, credit notes).

To be able to download sales reports from the webshop you should enable this feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Click: Webshop > Webshops and open the Webshop Card. On the Downloading FastTab select the Enable Document Downloads checkbox.

In the Sana webshop a customer can download the printable report (PDF file) from the corresponding sales document page. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses Reports as the basis for PDF files generation. For every sales document the respective report is used.

To view sales documents with the corresponding reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Sales & Marketing > Order Processing > Setup > Report Selections Sales. The Report Selections table contains the specifications of which report will be used for a certain sales document.


If a Sana webshop connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, a customer will be able to download printable reports only if reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV have layouts which are used for the RoleTailored Client. Starting from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 layouts are used for reports by default.

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