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Classification Mapping

Using classes and their characteristics in SAP you can add material specifications, for example physical dimensions of a material. Material characteristics from SAP can be used to extend web store search functionality, so customers will be able to search for a product by its characteristics. They can be also used for facets to filter the catalog by material characteristics, and shown on the product list and product details pages as product specifications.

For more information, see 'Material Characteristics'.

Use the /SANAECOM/: Classification Mapping table to define the classes you are using to add material characteristics in SAP. To do this, select the necessary class. If you use different classes to add material characteristics in SAP, all required classes can be added to this table.

Only material characteristics of the classes added to this table will be available in Sana Admin for indexing to configure web store search, facetted filters and product specifications.

See an example of product specifications in the Sana web store.

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