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Free Goods

In many sectors of industry it is common to provide some products free of charge, for example some spare parts, accessories, or when a customer purchases a certain quantity of a product and receives an extra one or some other product as a bonus.

Transaction codes

  • Free goods - Create (VBN1)
  • Free goods - Change (VBN2)
  • Free goods - Display (VBN3)

Use the Create Free Goods table in SAP to add free goods to a certain customer.

Two types of free goods exist in SAP:

  • Inclusive
  • Exclusive

Sana Commerce supports only exclusive type of free goods.


The customer pays only for a part of the goods required. The rest of the goods are for free. This is called inclusive free goods, which means that part of the purchased quantity is designated as free and not billed.

For example, of the ten bottles of wine ordered two are designated as free goods. This means that ten bottles of wine are delivered to a customer as ordered, but a customer is billed only for eight bottles and two bottles are given free of charge.


The customer pays for the goods ordered and receives some additional goods. This is known as exclusive free goods and means that free goods are granted for an additional quantity to that in the sales order. More is delivered than was ordered and the additional quantity is not billed. The goods delivered as free do not have to be the same as the one ordered.

For example, when four coffee machines are ordered, the vendor supplies a pack of coffee free of charge.

In the web store when a customer adds a product to the basket or a certain quantity of products that include a free good, this free good is shown in the shopping cart and it cannot be removed or edited by a customer.

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