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Order Type Mapping

Sana complies with any individual business process flow. In a Sana web store customers can create quotations, sales orders and return orders. They can even create quotations and then convert them into sales orders directly from a Sana web store. All business scenarios are supported by Sana.

Use the /SANAECOM/: Order Type Mapping Sana admin table to set up sales document types which are used in your web store and map them to the existing sales document types in SAP.

The table below provides description of the fields in the /SANAECOM/: Order Type Mapping table.

Field Description
Webstore Id Enter Sana web store ID. It must be the same as the one specified during installation of the Sana web store on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana database. Default: "SanaStore".

If you have multiple web stores, you can set up sales document types for each Sana web store.
Sales Document Type Select the existing in SAP sales document type which must be mapped to the one used in Sana.

In SAP it is also possible to create and use a custom sales document type. In the screenshot above you can see the custom sales document type ZPRQ (Promotable Quotation) which is used for quotations which can be converted into standard orders.

Document Type Description Map the Sana sales document type to the SAP sales document type.

The following sales document types are available:

  • ORDER - sales order
  • QUOTE - quotation
  • PROMOTABLEQUOTE - quotation which can be converted to a sales order directly from a Sana web store
  • CREDITNOTE - credit note
  • INVOICE - billing document
  • RETURNRECEIPT - return receipt
  • RETURNORDER - return order
  • SHIPMENT - delivery document

For more information, see "Order Processing".

Output Type Sana enables customers to download printable sales reports (PDF file) generated by SAP for any sales document directly from a web store. A customer can download the printable report from the corresponding sales document page in the order history.

For all sales document types for which customers must be able to download printable sales reports, you must select the necessary output types.

For more information, see "Sales Reports".

Default You must select the Default checkbox for all sales documents that are created from a Sana web store:
  • Order
  • Quote
  • Promotable quote
  • Return order

Depending on your business process, customers can create orders from the Sana web store and from other channels, for example by phone or e-mail. In case, if you are placing orders directly in the SAP system which are coming from other channels, for example by phone or e-mail, you can use another sales document type for such orders. If you add this sales document type to the Order Type Mapping table with the Default option disabled, customers will be able to log in to the Sana web store and see their orders placed from other channels in the order history also.

You must configure the ordering flow and settings for your web store in SAP and in Sana Admin.

See an example of the sales document types which are mapped to the existing document types in SAP and are used in the Sana web store. You can show and hide different sales documents in the order history of the Sana web store. For more information, see "Order History".

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