Sana Commerce 9.2
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Sana Easy Access

The Sana easy access user menu in SAP is the user-specific point of entry into the Sana add-on for the SAP system.

To open the user menu of the Sana add-on in SAP, call the transaction /n/sanaecom/webstore.

From the Sana initial screen in SAP (Sana Commerce for SAP) you can access:

Menu Item Transaction Code
 Catalog Overview  /n/sanaecom/catalog
 Webstore Filter  /n/sanaecom/filter
 Customer Assortment  /n/sanaecom/assortment
 Sana Administration Tables  /n/sanaecom/a_tables
 Sana User Tables  /n/sanaecom/u_tables
 Startup Wizard  /n/sanaecom/start
 Customers Overview  /n/sanaecom/customer
 Orders Overview  /n/sanaecom/order
 Invoice Payments  /n/sanaecom/invlog
 Data Upload  /n/sanaecom/dataupload
 Data Validation Rules  /n/sanaecom/validate
 Manual Process Requests  /n/sanaecom/mnlrequest
 Web Store Optimization  /n/sanaecom/optimize
 Activate Business Configuration Sets  SCPR20
 Adapter Operation Maintenance  SM30 > Open the table: /sanaecom/vadopv
 Web Service Maintenance  SICF

The "SAP transactions" document provides the list of Sana tables in SAP and transactions which can help you set up a Sana web store and create, distribute, and maintain complete and accurate master data in SAP.