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Customer Account Group Mapping

Customer account groups in SAP are used to classify customers into business partner functions that fit best the nature of the business transaction. Customer account groups control the customer hierarchy containing the customer master record. It determines the role of a customer and customer master data.

When a customer account is created, it is assigned to a certain account group.

There are different customer account groups in SAP, the following 4 are used more often and they are major customer account groups used in sales:

  • 0001 - Sold-to Party
  • 0002 - Ship-to Party or Goods Recipient
  • 0003 - Payer
  • 0004 - Bill-to Party

When the customer master record with an appropriate customer account group is created, the partner function should be assigned to it. Partner function identifies account group roles and responsibilities within the sales transactions. A partner function refers to the rights, roles and responsibilities a business partner can take on in a business transaction.

The basic partner functions are:

  • SP     Sold-to party
  • BP     Bill-to party
  • PY     Payer
  • SH    Ship-to party
  • ZS     Sales Employee

A customer that is created with a customer account group Sold-to party can play different roles in a transaction. He can act as the Sold-to, Ship-to, a Payer or as a Bill-to.

Use the /SANAECOM/: Customer Account Group Mapping table to assign the appropriate customer account groups in SAP to the corresponding account group names. This is needed to save customers and customer master data during customer registration, from the Sana web store to the appropriate customer account groups in SAP. Customer account group mapping is also used to maintain customer master data and for customers indexing.

The table below clarifies the functions of the account group names:

Field Description
CREATE_CONTACTS Used to create a contact.
When a sales agent creates a prospect customer in the Sana web store, this prospect is stored in SAP as a contact.
CREATE_GUEST Used to create a guest customer account in SAP. Guests are those who are placing orders in the Sana web store without registration. For more information, see 'Guest Checkout'.
GET_CUSTOMER Used to index customers.

The Customer import task in Sana Admin will index only the customers with the account groups assigned to the GET_CUSTOMER account group name. You can create as many records with the required account groups as you need.
MAINTAIN_CUSTOMER Used to manage customers.

It is necessary to add records for all Sana account group names and map them to the existing in SAP customer account groups.

The table below provides description of the fields in the /SANAECOM/: Customer Account Group Mapping table.

Field Description
Webstore Id Enter Sana web store ID. It must be the same as the one specified during installation of the Sana web store on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana database. Default: 'SanaStore'.

If you have multiple web stores, you can set up account groups for each Sana web store.
Account Group Name Select the account group name which represents the type of customer master data.
Group Assign customer account group from SAP to the corresponding Sana account group name.

See an example of the customer, guest and prospect creation in the Sana web store.

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