Sana Commerce 9.2
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In the Sana webstore there are several places where a country should be selected:

  • Creating a new account - when a new customer registers in the webstore online.
  • Create a prospect order - when a sales agent places an order on behalf of a prospect customer.
  • Guest checkout - when a webstore visitor places an order without registration.
  • Shipping information - when a customer enters a shipping address in the shopping cart.

The countries which should be available in the webstore are managed in SAP. To see the entire list of countries use the OY01 transaction code.

You can add the name of a country in any language. In the Country Global Parameters table, select the necessary country and click: Menu > Goto > Translation.

If your webstore is multi-lingual, and country names are available in different language in SAP, they will be shown in the Country dropdown list in the selected language.

Those countries which should be used in the Sana webstore must be added to the Visible Countries Sana admin table which can be opened by calling the transaction /n/sanaecom/a_tables.

For more information, see 'Visible Countries'.

For the correct functioning of the online customer registration, guest checkout and prospect functionality, you should also specify the customer templates for each visible in webstore country.

SAP allows to perform country-specific checks. The system stores postal code formats for the countries. In Sana Admin a webstore administrator can add a postal code field to the customer registration page. If it is required for a customer to enter a postal code during registration in the Sana webstore, then it will be validated based on the rules in SAP.

For more information about country-specific checks in SAP, see 'Country Table T005'.

For more information about online customer registration in the webstore and what should be configured for it, see 'Online Customer Registration'.