Sana Commerce 9.2
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Sales Order Attachments

In SAP you can add different files to the sales documents (sales orders, quotations, billing, delivery, return orders, etc.). Files added to the sales documents in SAP are shown in the order history in the Sana web store.

If you need to provide your business customers with some additional documentation, for example a waybill or a copy of some extra documents, they can be attached to the corresponding sales document in SAP and shown in the Sana web store.


Sana also provides a possibility to attach files to products and sales documents from the file system on the Web server. For more information, see "Product and Order Attachments".

Set up user permissions

The SAP user must have the necessary permissions to be able to add attachments. If you can't add attachments in SAP, please ask the SAP administrator to give you the necessary permissions.

If the SAP user has the required permissions to add attachments, then the button Services for Object will be available in the sales document master data.

To manage the user in SAP, use the transaction code SU01. The parameter SD_SWU_ACTIVE must be added to the user on the Parameters tab to allow the user to add attachments in SAP.

Add an attachment to a sales document in SAP

Step 1: Open the sales document.

Step 2: Click on the Services for Object button and then: Create > Create Attachment. Find the necessary file and add it to the sales document.


The file name must begin with the prefix "A_" and the underscore character. Otherwise, the attachment will not be shown in the web store.

By clicking Attachment list, you can see the list of all attachments added to the sales document. You can open the attachment list only when at least one attachment has been added to the sales document. In the Service: Attachment list window you can also add and remove attachments.

Disable sales document attachments

If you do not want to show attachments from SAP in your web store, you can disable them globally in the Web Store Optimization window. If you select the Attachment Files checkbox, then files added to the sales documents and materials in SAP will not be shown in the web store.

For more information, see "Web Store Optimization".