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Specifics of SAP


Sana Commerce is the e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. The ERP systems have much in common, but at the same time there are many distinctions. For example, in Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can create prepacks which are not available in other ERP systems and vice versa, there are features in other ERP systems, for example in SAP, which are not available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

While developing the Sana add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP we try to make them as similar as possible in functionality and stick to the ERP coding conventions and best practices, but of course there are some differences depending on the ERP system Sana connects to.

From this article you will learn about Sana features which are not supported by SAP.

Product variants

There is no product variants functionality in the standard SAP ERP 6.0 system. Product variants are available in SAP for Retail (VERP). This is a vertical specific edition for which Sana will extend the support on a project basis.

Some of the customers that are running on the standard SAP system might have product variants implemented via a custom data model table. As this is a customization on the ERP side, the Sana add-on should be adjusted as well.


A prepack is a package assembled by a manufacturer, distributor or retailer which contains a specific number of items or a specific assortment of sizes, colors, etc. of a product. Prepacks is a feature of the Pebblestone Fashion add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thus, prepacks are not available in other ERP systems and will not be supported by SAP.

Sales statistics (partially supported)

The ERP systems gather the detailed sales statistics for each customer. These reports include information about order total, revenue, profit percentage and discounts within a specific time period. If the ERP system returns this data to Sana it can be seen directly in Sana Admin.

Currently, you can see only general sales statistics, but not details. As you know, the SAP system is very flexible and highly customizable. Its functionality is always adjusted to the requirements of each company. Thus, we are investigating how to retrieve the detailed sales statistics from SAP. This is the first release of this feature for SAP, and we will continue developing it.

Enable Sana Commerce in ERP

It is not possible to enable and disable the entire Sana Commerce functionality added with the add-on in SAP like in Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One, because the SAP add-on layer (SAINT/SPAM) architecture doesn't allow this. Nevertheless, the Sana add-on can be uninstalled from the SAP system, if required, by running the SAINT wizard.