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Webstore Orders Overview


This feature is available in the latest version of the Sana add-on for SAP ECC.

Using Webstore Orders Overview table, you can see all sales orders and quotations that are created from a Sana webstore, and all Sana specific sales transaction data.

You can access Webstore Orders Overview either from the  main window of the Sana Commerce solution (/n/sanaecom/webstore) or by calling the transaction /n/sanaecom/order.

You can see all sales orders and quotations created from a certain webstore, or narrow the search results by specifying the filters.

The table below provides description of the filter fields.

Field Description
Webstore Id Select a webstore. If you have multiple webstores, you can see sales orders and quotations for each webstore.
Document type Using this filter, you can see only sales documents of a certain type.
Customer Using this filter, you can see sales documents created by a certain customer only.
Show Draft Documents These filters are applicable only if you are using the order processing strategy optimized for large orders. In this case, you can also see sales documents created using this strategy. These documents have 4 statuses which can be used for filtering:
  • INITIAL - empty sales documents created for the customers automatically.
  • ACTIVE - incomplete sales documents which include one or more products. These sales documents are in process of creation by the customers.
  • ORDERED - completed orders.
  • RELEASED - quotations which are initially created for the customers and are used during basket calculation. When the final sales order is created from the quotation, the status of the quotation will be set to "Released".

For more information, see "Draft Orders and Quotations".

Draft Status
Date Using this filter, you can filter out sales documents by date.

Once the filters are set, click Execute to see webstore orders.

The Webstore Orders Overview table contains all the relevant information about sales quotations and final orders created from the Sana webstore, like customer who created the order, reference number, authorization status, discount information, shipping and payment methods selected by the customer, payment transaction ID and status, etc. For more information, see "Sales Order Data".

You can open a certain quotation or sales order directly from this window. To open the sales document, double-click on its number, and you will be able to see all its data.