Sana Commerce 9.2
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Reason for Rejection Exceptions

In SAP it is possible to cancel the whole sales order or any of its order lines. To cancel an order in SAP you should specify the reason of its rejection.

Add all reasons of rejection which you are not going to use to the /SANAECOM/: Reason For Rejection Exceptions Sana admin table. You will not be able to cancel sales orders and sales order lines using the reasons added to this table.

Cancel a sales order line

To cancel any sales order line, in the sales order master data, on the Reason for rejection tab, select the reason of its rejection.

Those sales order lines, which are cancelled in SAP, are crossed out on the order details page in the Sana web store. When you create the higher level sales document in SAP (outbound delivery, billing) from the sales order which contains the cancelled sales order lines, those cancelled lines will not be copied and the order will be recalculated.

Cancel the entire sales order

To cancel a sales order, open the sales order master data and at the top of the window click Reject document. Select the Reason for rejection to cancel the sales order.

When you cancel the entire order in SAP, all its lines will be crossed out on the order details page in the Sana web store. The status of the cancelled order will be changed to Cancelled.

Just in the same way, a user in SAP can also reject a quotation. If this is a quotation which can be converted to a sales order and it has been cancelled, a customer will not be able to convert it to an order.