Sana Commerce 9.2
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Sales Reports


This feature is available in the latest version of the Sana add-on for SAP ECC.

Sales reports can be key in keeping the sales process and the cash flow movement.

Sana enables customers to download printable sales reports (PDF file) generated by SAP directly from a web store. A customer can download the printable report from the corresponding sales document page in the order history.


Sales reports can be also uploaded to the file system of Sana on the Web server and downloaded by customers from the web store. For more information, see "Sales Reports".

SAP can generate reports for all types of sales documents: order, quotation, delivery, billing.

To be able to download sales reports from the Sana web store generated by SAP, printing output must be configured for all required sales documents in SAP. You can check and set up conditions for output control and output types by calling the transaction code NACE.

In the Sana admin table /SANAECOM/: Order Type Mapping, you must enter the appropriate output types for each sales document type. Customers will not be able to download sales reports from the Sana web store for those sales documents that does not have the output type. For more information, see "Order Type Mapping".